Professional Presence

What makes some of us successful, while others with the same skill level are left behind? The skills you bring to a position get you the job. The interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence you use will keep you employed. However, to a large extent, your career success will be influenced by factors that affect how others react to you. Effective professional presence includes your appearance, your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, your attitude, and your overall business etiquette. Presenting a professional presence establishes a high degree of consistency that builds confidence. A professional presence promotes credibility, increases rapport, and builds trust.

This highly interactive one-day workshop will help you improve your professional presence, enhance your personal profile and, as a result, your business relationships. In today’s world we need to make a good first impression quickly–through email, voice mail, and face-to-face. This practical workshop will provide you with valuable skills to increase your effectiveness and your confidence in any situation.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Handle any situation with increased confidence
  • Make a more positive and lasting first impression
  • Master the “invisible” impression sent through email and voice mail
  • Recognize the factors that contribute to credibility, rapport and trust
  • Navigate a room skillfully to build more positive business relationships
  • Avoid common business etiquette blunders
  • Master small talk
  • Manage effective non-verbal communication
  • Recognize actions that can detract from a professional image