Hone skills and build a plan, before a real crisis happens, in this workshop using artificial intelligence simulation software and live instructor-led discussion

Panic or impulsive responses lead people to say the wrong thing during a crisis. 95% of organizations that suffer a major crisis bear irreparable damage to their brand.

Measured, appropriate responses, and skills to deliver them well, are developed in this simulated environment. This pressure-filled, yet safe, live instructor-led workshop prepares you for a nightmare scenario we hope will never happen, yet likely may.

In this digital age, any employee can end up speaking (typing) on behalf of your organization. Prepare them to represent your company well.

“Very impressed by the depth of the simulation and the tools that it illustrates!”

Pat Davenport: Researcher, Mechanical and Materials Engineering; National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Workshop Learning Objectives:

  • Listen, build trust and respond properly to a variety of internal and external stakeholders
  • Make fast-paced decisions against a back-drop of pressure
  • Learn to utilize correct communication formats to disseminate the right information to the right people at the right time

Beneficial for anyone who needs to enhance their response skills:

  • Managers who may be on the front-line when the crisis hits
  • Employees who could distribute crisis information in any digital format or be accessed by media as “easy targets”
  • C-Suite and senior managers who may have to represent your organization and brand to the world’s media

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